Explore Israel as a living classroom

Join one of our sessions during the summer or academic year.  Experience an engaging core Israel studies program with renowned educators and immerse yourself in social and cultural activities unique to Israel. Keep up with your general studies from the AMHSI campus.  

Make life-long friendships

Meet students from all over the US and the globe. You will join a family – your dorm – and you will get a taste of what it’s like to live on your own. Manage your time, budget, and activities with guidance from our supportive madrichim, teachers, and staff.

Learn more about yourself

Reflect on your character, your future, your goals and passions through a transformative experience. Your life in Israel will push your boundaries, uncover or strengthen your identity, and gain confidence all while having the time of your life. 


AMHSI sessions


Our educators

Yossi Katz

Upon making aliyah in 1978, Yossi served in the IDF combat Reconnaissance Unit. He graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a degree in Jewish and Arab History. He joined AMHSI in 1980 and is the author of the book A Voice Called: Storied of Jewish Heroism.

Reuven Spero

Reuven earned his BA in Linguistics, holds graduate degrees in International Law and Education and studied at Hebrew Union College and the Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. He was the Director of Jewish Education in Columbus, Ohio, and worked at Hebrew University and the College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel.

Aubrey Isaacs

Born and bred in Scotland, Aubrey studied in yeshivot in Jerusalem and in Gush Etzion, served in the tank corps of the IDF, took a BA in Jewish History and at Bar-Ilan University, rabbinical qualifications and then acquired an MA in Jewish Thought from Ben-Gurion University in Be’er Sheva.




AMHSI completely changed my life. It was my first real experience with Israel and Judiasm. It really resonated with me and made me proud to be Jewish and of where we come from.

Sarah Marasco, Alumna ’11

Why hesitate? Where else would you be able to do such a program? This is a life-changing experience that you can’t do anywhere else on Earth.

Asher Zlotnik, Alumnus ’07

It’s really amazing to see the size and the growth of the campus! Even though our campus was in a different location, you still get the same feeling of warmth and community and connection to Israel and just the Zionistic feel and love. It’s really wonderful to be here, and it brings back a lot of memories for my husband and I.

Nancy and Glenn Marin, Alumni ’77

Being in Israel made me think big. For the first time I was free to make up my own ideas. Learning about Israel and Judaism in the U.S. is almost sterile. You need to be able to feel it, pick it up, struggle with it.

Elon Zlotnik, Alumnus ’10