Megilat ‘Hester’:  The nature of empowerment

By Reuven Spero __ Purim is the holiday of hester panim – see the similarity to the name Esther?  Hester panim means the hiding of G-d’s face. It’s not that G-d isn’t there; it’s just that his or her face is hidden.  The book of Megilat Esther is the only book of the Tanach where […]

Weekly Update, Mar. 1-6

Last week at AMHSI… Milken TIF students headed to the north to visit a Crusader castle and to explore the city of Tzfat.  They then turned around and headed to Jerusalem where they explored aspects of Jewish communal living and tzedakah at Yad LeKashish (Lifeline for the Elderly) and Pantry Packers, where they helped bag […]

Interview with Seth Niedermayer (Alumnus, Winter 2000)

It is always exciting to see our alumni return to campus and SethNiedermayer’s (Winter 2000) visit was a special one! Seth and his fiancée, Samantha Himmelman, both lawyers in NYC, were in Israel on vacation when they decided to spontaneously visit the AMHSI campus.  Samantha said it was important for her to see where the […]

Interview with Zach Rosenzweig, AMHSI Alumnus Weber 2004

Zach Rosenzweig at Har Ben Tal in Israel on his AMHSI-Weber trip Hi Zach, Could you share with a bit about yourself? I’m 28 years-old and I came to AMHSI with The Weber School from Atlanta,GA during the last 3 months of my Senior Year. I then went to Brandeis in 2004 for my BA […]

A Day in Core Class:  Reuven Spero and Milken TIF

Today, after reviewing a quiz students had on the topics of the previous week and eating freshly picked clementines from Reuven’s home, class opened with a question that struck right at the heart of the Alexander Muss High School in Israel:  Why should you raise your child Jewish? This question was the corresponding discussion to […]

New On-Campus Student-Run Radio Station at AMHSI

Orit Rome, Russell Robinson, Gisele Ben-Dor, Rabbi Leor Sinai We are very excited about the AMHSI Student-Run Radio Station that is currently under construction. Thank you to Gisele & Eli Ben-Dor and Jewish National Fund for giving us this incredible opportunity for our students to broadcast AMHSI to the world! AMHSI Radio will be part […]

Parting Words

By Alan Odess People ask me how it feels to be retired. My instant reaction is that it’s too early for that. Others wonder if I’m sad, but I feel none of that. Instead I feel gratitude and satisfaction. I’m grateful to have received a salary for decades of incredible fun. It’s like getting to […]

Weekly Update, Mar. 8-12

Last week at the AMHSI campus… Spring and February sessions students spent the week largely on campus. This week was one of the main tenets of the core curriculum – the Zionist Seminar, a mad sprint to absorb information and turn it into a creative presentation, where students teach each other about the main five […]

Interview with Britt Jacobson, Milken-TIF 2015

BrittJacobson is a 10th grade student at Milken Community High School inLos Angeles attending the Tiferet Israel program at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel.  Britt is an avid writer and keen observer of the world, as well as a volleyball player and a great friend. Britt also happens to be Israeli, which makes […]